What if there were a world built on potential … A world with stories inside the story. A world where mythos become reality and Elves and Angels walk amongst the galactic community. Where Clerics protect the galaxy with elemental magic.

Where a displaced Elven adept is pursued by friend and foe alike. Where corporate mercenaries battle an upstart Imperium in the Fringe Sectors. Where a Terran despot brings the Milky Way to the brink of conflict.

Where one person can be the spark that reignites the pride of a scattered people, or the match that engulfs the galaxy in the flames of war. A world where anyone can escape and find their place in it. What if this world of infinite potential is here … and you have arrived.


This first installment in the series dives deep into the immersive WARTIDE Universe from page one. Experience the Milky Way alongside a disparate group of characters as they navigate a growing galactic conflict, each trying to find their place, thrive, or simply hope to survive.