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Your Adventure Begins Here

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WElcomE to thE WARTIDE uniVERsE

You have just entered an immersive sci-fi/fantasy universe filled with mythos and imaginings from every culture and time, set in the distant future of the Milky Way galaxy.
After Terrans discovered the breach drive, allowing them to skip the distance between stars, they found the galaxy not nearly as empty as they had thought. They were forced to adapt to a galactic community full of elemental magic and aliens that their own forgotten myths were based upon.

thE yEAR oF uniFicAtion

And adapt they did. Quickly spreading across the galaxy through colonization, assimilation, and every other means at their disposal, Terrans were soon counted among the more numerous species to exist.
Their religions were forced to adapt as well in the face of the undeniable existence of magic. One religion evolved into the Galactic Order of Clerics right around the time a galactic superpower was born, the United Stellar Consortium. The two were natural allies and grew in size and power together.

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Over thousands of years, the USC outgrew its ability to successfully manage itself. As the growth of its borders stagnated, large galactic corporations saw opportunities for tax-free resources and production in sectors just outside of the USC.
Soon after the first corporate outposts were entrenched, the need for private security was realized. Naturally, private security gave way to corporate armies and fleets hired from mercenary moons and outposts that sprang up in the corporate sectors.
No one admits who fired the first shot, but the corporate wars have raged on ever since in these frontier sectors.

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